Okay. If you got this far, you will be wondering if the desert area is for you. Well, Iím going to give you 10 good reasons to make the move:

  1. Love mountains? As far as the eye can see, there are mountains that offer you hiking, skiing, and vegetation from 5 different ecosystems. The desert isnít all flat! Itís no more than Ĺ hour from the largest palm tree oasis in the world to the top of the mountain via Tram, where you can snowshoe in winter. A short drive away is Idyllwild, which looks like New Hampshire in the winter. Big Bear is an hour away. Or just sit and enjoy watching the peaks turn to silhouette each evening and you will feel that you live in a special place.
  2. Love to be warm? People come from all over the world to enjoy the amazing weather, 9 out of 12 months in the 70s-80s with a perfect, piercing blue sky. Nothing beats that.
  3. Love golf? Tennis? Itís a paradise for golfers, with an abundance of courses (public and private), and tournaments such as the Kraft Nabisco, Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, Samsung World Championship that bring the top proís. Tennis buffs play all year, and flock to the annual Pacific Life Open tournament.
  4. Need culture? Palm Springs has an art museum with a world-class collection and an exceptional concert series, and the International Film Festival draws people from around the world. The McCallum Theatre features high-caliber concerts and fine art galleries. Lecture series at the local university and civic groups bring in internationally-known speakers on a range of thought-provoking topics. Plus the Coachella Music Festival, where Bjork, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, among other famous bands, have made their appearance.
  5. Love architecture? Itís a mecca for aficionados. Desert architecture ranges from Mid century (Wexler, Cody, Frey, etc) to Spanish and contemporary-modern. There are nods to International Style, Modern, Tiki, and Polynesia, Spanish and Indian architecture, and many experiments with organic architecture that hugs hillsides, and incorporates boulders and desert terrain into the buildings themselves. Many of the homes have been featured at Architecture Digest, Dwell, and Atomic Ranch magazines.
  6. Love to shop? From fine shopping on El Paseo thatís compared to L.A.ís Rodeo Drive to the high-end outlets 5 miles outside of Palm Springs, thereís great shopping for everyone. You can find all the big names right here.
  7. Want a friendly, small-town feeling? Even with the offerings of a big city, the local shop keepers know their customers by name. People come here to relax, have a great time and relax, therefore, you see smiling faces. And imagine Ė no parking meters. And whatís better than having lunch or shopping without worrying about feeding the meter?
  8. Want pampering? Spas abound here and the legendary mineral baths of Desert Hot Springs welcome people from around the world. Relax by amazing tranquil spas looking at the gorgeous mountains around.
  9. Love great food? Needless to say, with an international clientele, the restaurants are top-flight, with a broad range of cuisines.
  10. Crave solitude? Need to relax? The moment you arrive, by plane or by car, the energy changes. Itís easy to do nothing and not be bothered out in the still-uncrowded environs of the desert. Relax by the pool, stroll in the evening and smell the sweet fragrance of citrus flowers blooming, enjoy the sunsets and blue-black night sky. Thereís room here to just de-stress and BE.

The desert has something to offer to everyone. Come visit, and let me show you how this one exquisite place can meet your desires and needs.